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Welcome to Earth's Biggest Sustainable Packaging Store for your business

Source Beautifully Designed, Custom and High Quality Eco-Friendly Packaging. From UK suppliers. +100.000 products coming. And we are still here for you during this time!


At The sustainable sourcing company our packaging are made with 100% Sustainable Materials, Plant-Based and Plastic Free. With a wide range of 100% Recycled and FSC Certified products. With Small to Big Quantity Pieces available, Custom Boxes, Printed Boxes and Free delivery over £100*.

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Our commitment to you and the planet

One-stop sourcing - Bringing you the world biggest choice of sustainable packaging products: 100 000 more products coming soon.

Anytime, Anywhere - At 11pm, or at work. We want to make it easy for you to source sustainable packaging products.

Good for you and the planet - All products are made with 100% Sustainable Materials, Plant-Based, Plastic Free and Locally Sourced.

High quality products - We want you to have the highest quality packaging for your needs; that's why we select the best products and suppliers.

Best prices and customer services guaranteed - With 24/7 support, bulk offers, custom boxes, printed boxes and more.

Fast shipping in the UK to reduce carbon emissions and Free delivery over £100*

Want to customise your packaging?

We are now offering full product customisation with your own logo or designs. Discover now the custom packaging collection! And if you want to customise a product visit our customisation page for more information.


Interested in ordering large quantities?

We are offering large quantities orders for medium to large businesses. Whether you want to order 100.000 pieces or more we can help. To order larger quantities visit our page for more information


We believe undoubtedly that responsible and sustainable sourcing improves our lives and makes our planet a better place

Over the past years our health and our planet have been badly impacted by the way we source, manufacture, consume and live. At The sustainable sourcing company our mission is to empower small businesses around the world with sustainable packaging solutions. Build a sustainable world, powered by plants and plastic free. With one principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We strongly believe that the future of sourcing starts here together. 

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