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Are you a Book/Magazine retailer looking for Sustainable Packaging?

Are you a Book/Magazine retailer looking for Sustainable Packaging?

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Whether you are an e-commerce business selling books, magazines, or calendars, it is important to look at your environmental footprint even at the littlest of details. To do your part, we offer online sellers specially sized, eco-friendly packaging that would be greatly appreciated by customers today and valued by the generations to come.

1. We have the 100% Recycled Brown Secure Mailer Box

It is designed for multimedia, books, magazines, and small products. The box itself is easy and fast to assemble and has a water-based adhesive strip for tight closure.

Source: The sustainable sourcing company

2. It comes in one standard size

The exact measurements are 310x220x60mm (L x W x H) and have a thickness of 3mm to keep your item protected during transport.

Source: The sustainable sourcing company

3. It is made with 100% recycled paper, plant-based and plastic-free and water-based ink for customisation

Your books/magazines/stationary can be in a beautifully designed custom packaging that does not compromise the environment. This is why our packaging is made out of 100% sustainable materials and is also plant-based and plastic-free. We also provide customisation options that are then printed using water-based ink.

These inks are solvent-free and do not contain PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride- a plastic material), phthalates, or toxic chemicals- perfect for e-commerce brands that want to have a minimal environmental footprint.

Source: Canva

4. It is manufactured in the UK

Tying up to the theme of sustainability, we are proud to source UK-based manufacturers which mean lower shipping costs to UK businesses.

This is also a smart choice for businesses in the long run as locally sourced packaging equals low carbon emissions and help the UK economy grow altogether.

Source: Canva

5. Affordable with small to large quantities available

Lastly, we offer a minimum order as low as 25 pieces. This is great for small-scale magazine or multimedia sellers or those who are just starting to switch to sustainable packaging.

We are also happy to cater to larger quantities. Email us at for more information.

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Click on the link below to order yours today:

100% Recycled Brown Secure Mailer Box

To discover our packaging visit or contact us at

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