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Are you a Flower Delivery Company looking for Sustainable Packaging?

Are you a Flower Delivery Company looking for Sustainable Packaging?

Source: Canva

Online florists give us that delightful experience of flowers being delivered straight to your door. The flowers they box up are an eye-candy, but that’s not the only thing that customers lay their eyes on. Customers love to see beautiful and sustainable packaging. This is where we come into the picture.

We have two beautifully designed custom and eco-friendly packaging that we’re sure will be great for your brand.

1. This is our 100% Recycled Brown/White Flower Letter Box

It comes in 588x174x33mm L x W x H which fits in most UK Letterboxes. This is perfect as in today’s society, no one would want a missed delivery of a package that they have been waiting so long on or have to collect it from a neighbour.

Other features include its twin side tabs to provide extra stability to the box, dual ventilation holes for sufficient airflow, and four fixing holes enabling a secure journey for your flowers.

Source: The sustainable sourcing company

2. We also have the 100% Recycled Flower Shipping Boxes

The top features include a water-based adhesive strip for closure, an easy-opening tear strip to open the packaging quickly, and a flower bouquet holder to holds flowers in place while shipping. This is perfect for bigger bunches- useful for florists and garden centres.

It comes in two sizes: 297x287x600mm and 598x229x165mm (L x W x H) with a thickness of 2mm.

Source: The sustainable sourcing company

3. Both packagings are made with 100% recycled paper and water-based ink for customisation

The paper we have been circulated and has given life to the packaging which helps lessen the waste on the UK landfills.

Brand customisation is also a big part of the packaging as it extends the brand message and style to the consumer’s first impression. To cater to this, the packaging comes with customisation options which are then printed using water-based ink.

These inks are solvent-free and do not contain PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride- a plastic material), phthalates, or toxic chemicals- perfect for online brands that want to have a minimal environmental footprint.

Source: Pexels

4. It is manufactured in the UK

Tying up to the theme of sustainability, we are proud to source UK-based manufacturers which mean lower shipping costs to UK businesses.

This is also a smart choice for businesses in the long run as locally sourced packaging equals low carbon emissions and help the UK economy grow altogether.

Source: Pexels

5. Affordable with small to medium quantities available

Lastly, we offer a minimum order as low as 25 pieces for both packagings. This is great if you’re a small-scale local florist branching out to the online scene.

Want to order more? We are happy to cater to larger quantities. Email us at

Source: Canva

Click on the links below to order yours today:

100% Recycled Brown/White Flower Letter Box

100% Recycled Flower Shipping Boxes

To discover our packaging visit or contact us at

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